Air Filter Services for Condo and Apartment Buildings

Ready to make your Tenant’s lives less complicated? Partner with Fresh Filters Plus and we will do the dirty work for you, saving you and your residents valuable time and money!

The best possible insurance to protect the longevity of an HVAC unit is to regularly change the air filters. Dirty air filters cause HVAC units work overtime to meet the heating or cooling requirements of your residents. This could result in electricity bills that are 20% higher on a monthly basis. Additionally, it can cost over $5,000 to replace a Condo HVAC unit. Having ongoing issues with these systems not only lowers property value but also causes a major inconvenience for your residents when there is a lengthy repair job.

Our team will work with your building managers and superintendents to find out the filter specifications of every unit in your building. This makes it very simple for your residents to sign up because we know their correct size before they place their order! To top it off, we offer your residents their first order for free! Think about it…Lower Maintenance Costs and Energy Savings…what’s not to love?

Fresh Filters Plus is here to help. Your residents can get their air filter subscription service started in a matter of minutes without even knowing their size!

Email our team at to get your building started with hassle-free air filter replacement. We can quickly figure out what size filters your building uses and create a custom signup page and discount code for your residents. We can even send you flyers and signup instructions to distribute to residents.